Keeva Hartzell | Realtor

Wardell & Holmes Real Estate, LLC

2526 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Keeva is a newly licensed agent who has recently taken a leap from the service industry into Real Estate within the last year. She worked as a hotel restaurant manager until her and her boyfriend, Chris, decided to leave their jobs and pursue something that they were passionate about. After only 9 months in Property Management for a local multifamily company, she decided to take the final steps to obtain her license while taking night classes during the work week. Her goals are to learn the business from the perspective of the investor, tenant, and first-time home buyer. She and her boyfriend hope to have a couple investments of their own in the next couple years. From her background in Property Management, she is passionate about helping clients find the best fit for them whether they’re buying their first home, buying a property to add to their portfolio or leasing for a short period of time.


In her free-time, Keeva likes to travel, stay active outdoors, and host get-togethers with friends and family. Keeva’s hobbies include anything DIY and fitness related as well as binge watching the newest Netflix and Hulu series.