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2526 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Katie McDaniel
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Katie McDaniel, professionally known as Katie MAK, proudly considers Kansas City her home. Raised in Liberty and an alumna of Liberty High School, she identifies as a dedicated Northlander. Despite her strong roots in Liberty, Katie has cultivated a deep appreciation for various neighborhoods across the city. Her early years were spent in Kearney, and memorable summers were often enjoyed at her grandparents' pool in Gladstone.

As an accomplished graduate in Special Education from Avila College, Katie brings a wealth of experience, having dedicated 23 years to the field of education. Her professional journey has taken her predominantly to the Parkville area, while her residence in the Power and Light District provided a unique perspective on city living. Hailing from a family deeply entrenched in real estate, including builders, mortgage brokers, and a realtor, Katie's transition from teaching to real estate has been seamless.

Kansas City boasts a multitude of remarkable residential areas, and Katie is eager to assist you in discovering the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Beyond her professional pursuits, Katie MAK is actively engaged in various interests, from attending concerts and sporting events to exploring art galleries. Her downtime is often spent walking her dog, Chief, and cherishing moments with family and friends.

Katie takes pride in her positive and optimistic outlook. Recognizing the diverse needs of families and individuals alike, especially as a busy mother herself, she approaches each real estate transaction with a solutions-driven mindset for the benefit of her clients. Whether you are buying or selling a home, Katie understands that this process can be both exhilarating and stressful. Rest assured, you don't have to navigate it alone—Katie is here to provide support. Consider this a collaborative effort, where MAK has your back every step of the way.