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About Wardell & Holmes Real Estate

Wardell & Holmes Real Estate is a full service Real Estate Brokerage located in the heart of Kansas City and built on the principle that every client is an investor. We work with local, nationwide & global clients. Whether selling a 40-unit apartment complex, looking for a commercial property, or buying a first home, you need real estate professionals with thorough knowledge of the market and the passion and experience to help ensure you maximize your investment.

The Wardell & Holmes Real Estate team was made for you. By design, it is composed of experienced Real Estate professionals, all native to Kansas City and qualified to offer specialized insights into markets north to south, east to west, urban or suburban. Each team member has a proven track record for managing every detail of your process with reliability and accuracy, and an established reputation for dedication and integrity that transforms client transactions into lifelong relationships. By living these shared values every day, Wardell & Holmes offers you, the investor -– large or small, local or out of state – a trusted resource you can be sure will manage every step of your investment with your best interests and returns in mind. All deals are viewed and handled with the same level of care and diligence no matter the size.

We believe in diversity. We believe in helping to shape the future by including all people from all walks of life. We believe and pledge to embrace others with kindness and inclusivity and to provide excellence to every customer experience. We believe in honesty and integrity and to make a difference by example and leadership. We believe it is our obligation to deliver the highest quality of customer service so that relationships are built for life. 

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