Kelsee Pietz | Social Media & Marketing Director

2526 Holmes Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

Kelsee Pietz

Our esteemed Social Media & Marketing specialist, Kelsee Pietz, possesses a wealth of industry experience spanning over a decade. As a native of Kansas City, her deep roots in the community and extensive knowledge of the region uniquely position her to adeptly tailor our marketing strategies to resonate with the local population. Kelsee's expertise in both real estate and social media and marketing affords her an unparalleled aptitude for navigating the intersection of these two domains. Her multifaceted skill set extends beyond the realm of marketing, as she is also a highly accomplished photographer and producer with a background in producing music videos, unscripted TV series, and live events. This exceptional combination of talents enables Kelsee to curate the perfect plan that effectively targets and engages our desired audience.