Megan Duma | Investment Relationship | Broker

2526 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Megan Duma is the Investment and Development Director at Wardell & Holmes Real Estate in Midtown Kansa City.  She has an extensive background in Real Estate Investing, Tax Strategies, Opportunity Zones, Short Term Rental Investing, Historic Tax Credit Projects, Construction, Buying Distressed Properties, and Property Law.  

Her years of experience is a great asset to her clients, and her knowledge in the above areas ultimately means thousands of extra dollars for those that get to work with her. 

As a lawyer barred in California & Missouri, Ms. Duma became an investor herself in 2015.  Since then, she has earned millions of dollars in passive income and equity through her real estate endeavors. 

Ms. Duma uses her legal and real estate background to help coach her clients on different opportunities that will save them thousands in taxes.  She is well-versed in investing in Opportunity Zones, 1031 exchanges, and Historic Tax Credit projects.  

She has overseen and completed a 1.5 million dollar renovation and Historic Tax Credit Project in the Westside, which she operates as Kansas City’s Most Luxury Airbnb.  Ms. Duma can help her clients determine if they should reap the benefits of these various tax mitigation programs.  

Ms. Duma is a broker licensed in Kansas, Missouri and California, and has overseen and acted as the General Contractor for her projects.  She is certified by Kansas City Missouri as a Woman-Owned Construction Finish company, and now seeks to aid investors in making the right choices in flips, buy-and-holds, historic properties, and distressed properties.  Knowing what to look for from a construction background will ultimately save her clients headaches and money. 

Ms. Duma also owns and operates 8 short term rentals in the Kansas City Area.  She is well-versed in assisting investors in the ins-and-outs of buying, setting up, and operating Short Term Rentals.  These options, in some cases, will mean 3-4 times the revenue of a traditional buy-and-hold.  

Ms. Duma also has extensive knowledge and has litigated cases in front of the Kansas District court regarding foreclosures, redemption rights, and other title issues.  Redemption rights and foreclosures in Johnson County is a very competitive and confusing area, but for the right investor, it can mean a big windfall if they know how to identify properties that are good candidates for purchasing, and avoid those which are not.

Ms. Duma also has invested in Land Bank properties in Wyandotte County, and has experience with the Jackson County Land Bank.  These properties are owned by the City for failure to pay taxes, and have title issues and limitations that Ms. Duma can help her clients navigate.