Tessa VanTrece | Realtor

2526 Holmes St. Kansas City, MO 64108

Tessa VanTrece
Realtor in KS & MO

Tessa, a proud Kansas native and University of Kansas alumna, possesses an intimate understanding of the region. A fervent supporter of the Jayhawks and the reigning Superbowl Champion Chiefs, her roots run deep in the heart of the Midwest. With a decade of experience as a licensed property and casualty insurance agent, Tessa is currently affiliated with Farmers and holds licenses in all 50 states.

Venturing into the world of real estate in 2015, Tessa VanTrece initiated her career as a Realtor in Florida. During this time, she skillfully assisted diverse clientele, including seasoned investors, first-time homebuyers, out-of-state investors, and those seeking residential single-family homes and condos. Her dedication to real estate and community stems from a passion for ensuring stable, affordable housing for everyone. Tessa firmly believes that real estate stands as the most impactful investment to address wealth disparities, with Kansas City serving as an ideal starting point.

Her overarching goal is to connect individuals with NACA, an organization providing homeownership counseling through character-based lending, making the dream of affordable homes a reality for all. Tessa is committed to demonstrating that homeownership is within closer reach than one might imagine.

When not immersed in the realms of real estate and insurance, Tessa can be found strolling through the River Market, indulging in exquisite cuisine, or reveling in the joy of live music. As the temperature drops, she seeks refuge on warm beaches, embodying a well-rounded approach to life beyond the professional sphere.